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SEO Audit.

Why am I not in 1st place in Google?

Are you using the right content to improve your Google ranking with the most effective keywords? We provide you with a complete analysis of your ranking opportunities.
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Google Audit

Why am I paying so much for leads in Google Ads?

Are you maximizing the potential of your Google Ads with the most effective keywords? Our service offers a comprehensive analysis of your positioning opportunities to ensure you are using the right content and reaching your target audience effectively. Optimize your Google Ads campaigns today!

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META Audit

Why am I paying so much for leads on Facebook & Instagram?

Are you getting the most out of your Facebook and Instagram ads with the most effective strategies? Our service provides a detailed analysis of your placement opportunities to ensure you're using the right content and reaching your target audience effectively. Optimize your Facebook and Instagram campaigns today!

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive process of analyzing and evaluating a company's strategies, tactics and results in its online presence. It focuses on key areas such as SEO, Google Ads and goal acquisition to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.
A digital marketing audit is crucial to understanding the current performance of a company's online marketing activities. It provides detailed information on what is working well, what areas need improvement and what opportunities are being overlooked. This information helps develop more effective strategies and maximize marketing ROI.
The main components include SEO (search engine optimization) analysis, Google Ads campaign evaluation, target acquisition strategy review, social media presence analysis, content review and website user experience analysis.

SEO analysis examines various aspects, such as website structure, content quality and relevance, keyword optimization, domain authority, site loading speed and mobile experience. It seeks to identify areas where ranking in organic search results can be improved.

Evaluation of Google Ads campaigns involves analyzing campaign settings, ad relevance, keyword performance, ad spend and ROI. It seeks to determine the effectiveness of current campaigns and suggest improvements to increase visibility and conversions.

Reviewing the goal acquisition strategy involves analyzing how leads are being captured and managed through different channels and tactics. It evaluates the effectiveness of conversion funnels, contact forms, calls to action and other tools used to generate and nurture leads.