Request a Custom audience for META's campaigns. 

It's very simple: just send the type of audience you need, for example, engineers in the food industry in Tijuana, and we will take care of creating that audience for your goals within 72 hours. Your audience will be ready to be used.

In the message section, please briefly describe the information you need in your database and select the number of users you require for your Facebook audience.

1,000 Users: $250 USD 

10,000 Users: $900 USD 

20,000 Users: $1500 USD 

Audience integration in META Ads manager: $150 USD 


Would you like to build an audience based on instagram profiles? 

2 Profiles: $70 USD 

4 Profiles: $100 USD

Would you like to create an audience based on Facebook Groups ?

2 Groups: $50 USD 

4 Groups: $100 USD 


Request Audience Creation.  

How does it work?

Control version

Send your request

Send your request with the target market you want to reach with your ad. We take care of the creation of the audience for your use and deliver you a ready-to-use document in CSV format.



We can take care of the installation of the audience in your Ads Manager so that you only have to use it directly from Ads Manager. It's very easy this way, since you don't have to do anything else but take care of the ad creation.

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Audience effectiveness depends on many factors, but using a custom audience for Meta can optimize the cost by up to 3X (i.e. it can be up to 60% cheaper).

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