Confidential Exotic Car Rental Company | Case Study

We developed a Google Ads and SEO strategy to optimize the positioning of specific words and increase bookings of exotic cars. 

Analysis of google ads audit

Identify opportunities and challenges

Positioning a keyword in a company where you have more than 20 product options can be complicated, but we decided to first investigate which keywords are the ones that actually generate conversion, 



By identifying the keywords that generate conversions, we decided to implement a practical strategy and SEO hacks to position them in record time and dominate the market. 

online car rental


The investment in Google Ads is minor due to the fact that this confidential exotic car rental company currently dominates the market from 'Lamborghini rental' to 'Exotic car rental in san diego'. 

car rental marketing agency

Audit for Exotic Car Rental Companies

How can I increase my exotic car rentals?

Are you making the most of your marketing strategies to reach your target audience effectively? Our service offers a detailed analysis of your positioning opportunities on various platforms, ensuring you are using the right content and the best tactics to maximize your impact. Optimize your marketing campaigns today and take your exotic car rental business to the next level!


We position in 1st place keywords that generate traffic and conversions.

How can I do it for my company?


These are real words positioned in the first positions. One keyword has been removed from the image to protect the company's identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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